Monday, April 20, 2009


Yea we ain't kicked it in a while and now I miss your smile/
I miss the way you held my hand when we was in a crowd/
When other dudes had made their moves in hopes that you would see/
You let em' know that you belonged to me exclusively/
I needed freedom, please believe it, it ain't you, it's me/
You gripped me tighter when you sensed that I was 'bout to leave/
You said i'm special and the rest just don't amount to me/
But babe, you gotta understand what I'm about to be/
And how's the fam doing? Give em' my kiss and hugs/
Cause way before I changed my name they were showing "Spitler" love/
I mean, we tried to work it out doing the distant love/
But I'm a man and i've got weaknesses, so listen love/
You're letting everybody get it just to feel the love/
But I know you're settling cause you ain't even into thugs/
I gave my tears and blood no matter when it was/
And held you down so you'd never know what a winter was/

When I was just a young man at age 18 I couldn't make things work/
So I made my feet work and I jetted/
and naw, I don't regret it, naw, I ain't forget it/
when you told me that you love me, looked me in my eyes and said it/
You gotta stay level-headed, don't let em' call you pathetic/
For the record, that depression can destroy you if you let it/
It was a blessing just to know you, met you at age three/
Now the world has gotta deal with the man that you made me/
Stupid dudes ignore your beauty and others just can't see/
That beneath them bad habits you were nothing short of magic/
More than I imagined, though torn and disadvantaged/
You swore that if the sky was in your grasp that I could have it/
But life is like a race and you're the tortoise or the rabbit/
And we took it slow before but now I can't control my passion/
Truthfully I appreciate everything that you do for me/
Beautiful, Black, but too much lack of opportunity/

I've got a confession and don't know really how to say it/
See this is possibly the last time I'ma see you girl/
I'm young and free, 21 and I wanna see the world/
Plus my new lady is seducing me and and she's a pearl/
But don't get it twisted there ain't nothing like my first Ms./
She gets pissed cause I be talking 'bout you, representin'/
But every time I go to work, I swear it's you I mention/
Cause when it comes to southern beauty, you're the definition/
You've got skeleton's in your closet, I don't doubt its true/
So I ain't proud of all your ways but I am proud of YOU/
And now we're through and I know this is coming out the blue/
But you've gotta let me go, Cause I'm about to move/
So I guess this is goodbye, and I wish that you wouldn't cry/
My four-eyed, fine dimepiece, you make my mind cease/
Til my pulse gives out, my heart stops beatin'/
And I'm sleeping in your soil, baby you're a part of Stephen/

(From the album by 5th Child Behind the Music available on iTunes)