On October 17th hip-hop recording artist and producer 5th Child released his 7th studio album My Conversations with God.  5th Child is the hybrid culmination of Southern influence, Midwest vivacity and a lyrically laden East Coast.  His latest project is self-produced with the exception of three tracks including his first single – What you Need by Y. Valentine.  "What you Need" is 5th Child’s satirical approach to the harsh stereotypes that surround his hometown. 

Early Years   

Born as Stephen Brown on June 2 in Redondo Beach, Cali, his parents relocated to Jackson, MS when he was only 3-year-old.  The pseudonym 5th Child derived from his rank as the youngest of 4 older siblings.  Aside from the obvious, the name also has disembodied meaning.

Content with four children, his parents decided they had reached their limit.  5th Child’s mother opted to undergo a more permanent form of preventive measures.  “She was at the hospital with the gown on and everything but when the nurse asked her to come to the back to begin the surgery, she changed her mind at the last minute and just walked out.”  

5th Child’s existence had almost been non-existent because, “9-months later, I was born. The name serves as a reminder for me to do something significant with my life and my voice.”

Writing lyrics as an 11-year-old, 5th Child began producing at 17-years-old when his quest for original beats proved fruitless.  Moved by the production skills of Just Blaze, Kanye West, DJ Premier, Organized Noize, and No ID – to name a few, his lyrical prowess is impacted by an equally diverse mix of illustrious M.C.’s like Jay-Z, Common, Outkast, Talib Kweli and T.I.

Imprint on Hip-Hop 

5th Child has an extensive self-released discography that includes 6 full-length albums and 3 mixtapes.  His 2012 project Love Letters & Suicide Notes (along with the accompanying mini-tour and extensive promo campaign) earned him the title of Best Hip Hop Artist in the 2013 edition of the Jackson Free Press’ Best of Jackson Awards.  As a producer, 5th has composed tracks for many Hip Hop/R&B acts including New Orleans’ Dee-1 and Elliot Luv and Mississippi’s Slimm Pusha and Kamikaze. 

5th Child’s delivery and lyrical substance parallels his Mississippi roots while being simultaneously unconventional.  Graduating from Loyola University with a degree in public relations and a minor in music business, 5th Child’s social cognizance is laced throughout his musical releases.  

Performance History

Primarily a solo artist, he frequently collaborates with artists of other genres for live performances including the rock band Spacewolf, jazz band The Vibe Doctors, and singer/songwriter Cody Cox.  His roster includes a mix of charity and for profit shows in venues small and large across the southeastern United States. 5th Child has rocked hole-in-the wall juke joints in New Orleans to music festivals such as Jackson’s Jubilee and Summer Jams, Farish Street Festival and Atlanta’s A3C Hip-Hop Festival.       
Embracing his educational background, 5th Child has performed at several colleges and universities like Macalaster College, UNO, Xavier, Loyola and Tulane – where he opened for rap heavyweight Drake following the release of So Far Gone.  

5th Child has also been interviewed on a variety of major radio outlets, the most notable being Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning.    


Recognizing music’s ability to transcend race, class and social boundaries, 5th Child says,
“I want my music to take me around the world. I want to make timeless music that is played for generations that resonates with people of all walks of life with no expiration date.”

For more info contact 5th Child at: 5thchildmusic@gmail.com or @5thchildmusic on Twitter.

Press Coverage

"After all, as first-time featuree 5th Child (introduced to us by our friends at The Smoking Section) emphasizes on the lead single off his next album, What goes around it comes around, and when it comes around might murk you.” Here, the Jackson, Mississippi rapper/producer showcases his skills on both sides of the boards, painting an ambivalent portrait of the street life over his own lush, jazzy sample work." - DJBooth.Net

“Jackson rapper Stephen Brown, aka 5th Child, spends the majority of his time in his bedroom studio making music. When he has a show to rock, you can count on him being there and killing it. The rest of the time, you can count on the 24-year-old staying in Friday nights to dig for samples, make beats and write lyrics.”- Jackson Free Press

"Feedback for “What You Need” has been nothing but positive. Listener’s can appreciate 5th Child’s refreshing approach to his songs. We do not see artists like him come around on everyday basis-artists who are not afraid to taunt the undercurrent of major issues within our community. 5th Child is not afraid!" - Toxin Magazine

“5th Child is back with another LP, Pianos In The Dark. Like the title implies, it’s quite…darker…than his previous efforts. The album has a consistent theme of 5th battling with the mid-20s transition into adulthood and self-sufficiency after college. It’s a take that we don’t hear quite enough and one that is handled eloquently throughout the album. Pianos In The Dark captures the confusion, frustration and determination this recession era causes this mid-20s generation to feel. But let’s not forget: 5th Chizzle is a bonafide monster on the mic and he proves it with tracks like “Name Right”:”

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