Friday, September 2, 2011

"Anything Goes"

Okay, so y'all remember how I said I was working on this song with an artist from Jackson who had a hit single out? Either way this is that song. The title of it is "Anything Goes" and the artist is named 1st-Up Luck. This song is obviously not for the manlier side of my fanbase, lol. Its funny because I specifically custom-made the beat for another artist but when I sent him 2 tracks to choose from, he chose the one that is more soulful and in my normal style of soul-sample based tracks. So I listen to this beat to try and figure out where I went wrong and as I'm listening to it, i'm liking it more and more. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to rap on it though because its pretty out of the box for me. Anyway, I just started mumbling the first part of the hook to myself "Anything goes. Anything goes. Won'tcha just let me know. Just let me know." And it sounded pretty cool to me. Then I started pacing around my room just mumbling different cadences of how I thought the flow should sound on the verses and it always sounded best when I was twisting (rapping fast). I figured, I've written 100 songs about saving the world, shouldn't I be allowed just one song to just say something provocative? lol. So I wrote this verse that's filled with all sorts of sexual imagery and it was fun because I was rapping fast on it. The bass in the beat was knocking and the synths were really crisp and it just seemed like it would be a much better, much freakier "Do I Make U Feel..." (see: Behind the Music). As soon as I finished, I texted my Dj/Manager Peter McElliot and told him to get me in touch with Luck because we'd been meaning to do a song together and I thought his voice would fit perfect on the hook. So we met up in the practice space a few days later and he heard the beat and my idea for the hook and loved it. So we recorded right there at the practice space and he said he'd go home and write the second verse for the song so we could record it later. We waited for a while but then he decided that I should just do the second verse as well. I really didn't want to but I hate hearing unfinished work. So, late one Saturday night, I picked up my pen and paper and vowed to myself to outdo the first verse. What I came up with was really graphic and sexual (late-night thoughts I guess, lol). I was tired so I knew I wanted to record it when I woke up but I felt so guilty about the stuff I was saying that I didn't even want to record it on a Sunday, lol. But that Monday afternoon, it went DOWN, lol. I finished recording and mixing the song but I let only a select few people hear it. Girls mostly. The first time I performed it live was at #5thChildStorytellers right in front of my mother......HA! And there you have it.....Anything Goes (ft. 1st-Up Luck)