5th Child- My Conversations with God (2015). The 7th solo album from emcee/producer 5th Child is his best received album to date. The 12-track project is entirely produced by 5th Child with the exception of 3 tracks including the lead single "What You Need". My Conversations with God examines 5th Child's belief that God speaks to us through unlikely sources and displays the emcee covering topics from "crabs in a barrel" mentality to self discipline. The album has already garnered its fair share of press as 5th strives to become an internationally known recording artist and producer.

5th Child- Child Support EP (2015). On October 17, 2015, 5th Child will release his 7th studio album entitled My Conversations with God. Rather than crowd-sourcing via popular sites such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc., 5th Child has released a 5-song EP entitled the Child Support EP which will be available to listeners by donation. Listeners are encouraged to make a donation in the amount of their choosing to offset production costs of the full-length album. All of the unreleased tracks on the Child Support EP are produced, mixed, and mastered by 5th Child. Hard copies are available at select retailers as well.

5th Child- Love Letters & Suicide Notes (2012). The 6th solo album from 5th Child with guest appearances from James Crow, Coke Bumaye,  & Liver Mousse. This album is entirely produced by 5th Child. In this project, 5th examines the dichotomy between two of the most intense types of writings by highlighting the extreme highs and lows of humanity. Production-wise, the album has the same feel of 1994 hip hop with the warm, gritter basslines and dirty drums that are reminiscent of Organized Noize and Q-Tip.
5th Child- 5th Child (2011). The 5th solo album from 5th Child with guest appearances by Dappa, Cello, Rashad Street, Trumpcard, DJ PM, Candy, & Jackson. The album is predominately produced by 5th Child himself with guest production from U-P, Donche, Kelvin K. Brown, & Tristan of Vandalism Productions. This album is the third installment of the trilogy that begins with Behind the Music. 5th Child finally embraces the purpose that has been set before him as an artist who will push boundaries and create innovative music to minister to listeners through vivid stories and will not be subjected to making music that is simply more marketable but lacks artistic value. 
Kid Superfly- 10th Grade English (2011). The sophomore follow-up to the 5th Child's duo album with Trumpcard. The album is produced entirely by 5th Child and features additional guest vocals from Victoria Cross. Unlike the original Kid Superfly album, this project was released as an EP with only 8 songs and no dj. The title comes from the high-school course in which the two emcees met.
5th Child- Pianos in the Dark (2010). The 4th solo album from 5th Child with only one guest appearance from Victoria Cross. The album is produced predominately by 5th Child with guest production from Donche & Strongarm. The project is inspired by a vision of a young black pianist at an upscale white jazz club a'la the Copa Cabana in the 1920s. The young musician battles the psychological and emotional turmoil of attempting to support a household and maintain his own sanity as an artist who must "play the game" in a socio-economic climate that is not in his favor. 5th Child uses this as an allegory to express his thoughts as a recent graduate attempting to find his sense of place in the "real world" and the challenges he encounters.
Kid Superfly- Kid Superfly (2010). The duo album of 5th Child and Trumpcard, hosted by Violator Allstar DJ Young Venom. The album is produced entirely by 5th Child and contains skits from several 1970's blaxploitation films that are constructed to tell the story of a fictional character by the name of Kid Superfly. The production on the album contains many soul samples and showcases the two emcees skills of storytelling and rapping on different subjects from their hometown ("City That I Live In") to their past mistakes in life ("Ghosts"). 
5th Child- Behind the Music (2008). The 3rd solo album from 5th Child with guest appearances by 7even:Thirty, JB Smoove, Trumpcard, Jackson, & James Crow. The album is predominately produced by 5th Child with guest production by U-P, 7even:Thirty, & Donche. The album is the first installment of a trilogy (followed by Pianos in the Dark and 5th Child) in which 5th Child tells his coming-of-age story as an artist. The album was composed in the last two months of 5th's college career and for this reason most of the production contains blaring, triumphant horns, and the album carries a most celebratory tone. The album's theme is an insider's guide to the indie hip hop industry and the different experiences that 5th Child encountered up to that point. Consumers often embrace these "larger than life" images of commercial artists and believe that truly live the lifestyles that are portrayed in their music. In actuality, the true hero lies behind the lavish lifestyles and the flashing lights. The true super-heroes are everyday people such as teachers, social workers, firemen, etc. The super-hero version of 5th Child on the cover represents this ideology.