Friday, April 13, 2012

House of Balloons Remix (w/ Lyrics)

Bottles on the nightstand tell the story of the glory of my lifespan.
The ceiling fan spinnin' (maybe we should start at the beginnin').
Glass full of liquor and a room full of women.
Celebrating youth so we lose inhibitions.
The feeling in the air may influence our decisions...Listen...
We're living without bumpers, seeking new thrills trying to satisfy the hunger.
Parents used to run our lives now they run from us...
A lost cause, you would think we lost laws.
Lesson 1: Unlock bras with one hand; Use Rubbers.
And we passed that "ugh" with flying colors.
Passion under covers- no underlying meanin'.
"I ain't say I love, mama. I'm just tryin' to see IT."
Taste that...Embrace that...
And in the morning we can blame it on The Weeknd.
Friday night lights. Saturday night fever.
Sunday morning too hungover to find preachers.
Ultraviolet lights invented these dark creatures,
Pulsating kick drums claimed another victim,
Stumbling and piss drunk thumbing through a smart phone,
Drunk-text ex's tell 'em where your heart's gone,
My mind's blown off chemicals,
Who the hell cares? We're 21 and invincible...

-5th Child

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