Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5th Child- Motherless Child

When anxiety overcomes/ I'm fightin' it over drums/
Mama cryin' tears of joy at the sight of what I've become/
Blacks gunning over fights/ Whites fighting over guns/
But I'd rather be righteous than right when it's said and done/
You cheatin' the reaper when you surviving through the slums/
Where they takin' all the cake and slide icing on the crumbs/
Then they hand you a plate/ You start stuffing your face/
Wonderin' why dem belly full but to the hunger you succumb/
I guess that's why I'm getting numb/ and I ain't feelin' they opinions/
When you recognize the real it starts revealing the chameleons/
Used to pray over meals and now we're praying over millions/
'Cause the appetite for that rapper life is so appealing/
The kingdom's full of soldiers/ No such thing as civilians/
So let us in the door or else we're bringing down the buildin'/
It's moments like this when I-I get a feelin'/
Even if I'm not a star... I'm a star that shines brilliant/

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