Friday, November 20, 2015

@5thchildmusic Breaks Down #MCWG w/ #TheProcess: "Motherless Child"

The third track on the album "Motherless Child" was fortunately/unfortunately the first track that was recorded for this album. It pretty much set the standard sonically and lyrically for this project. My intention was to make every song that came after better  than "Motherless Child."

It's basically about developing a thick skin when facing hardships. I discuss a lot of stuff on the song such as hearing hateful words from someone that I loved to rejection to frustration with an oppressive culture, etc. I needed 3 verses to vent apparently, lol. Yet, I knew that I didn't want the entire album to take this tone so I just told myself to "get it out now and then let it go." All artists can understand how putting a problem in a tangible form sometimes takes away it's power over you. That was the intent here.

I probably spent more time on this beat than any other one on the album because I chopped up the vocals so much and added extra instrumentation including strings, synths, piano solos, etc. I honestly hate the title of the song but I couldn't think of anything better to call it. Ah well... lol

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