Wednesday, November 25, 2015

@5thchildmusic Breaks Down #MCWG w/ #TheProcess: "Walkaway Love"

The fourth track on the album "Walkaway Love" is interesting because it's a very true story. I had a real situation with a young lady that prompted this song. I had just gotten off the phone with her ending it by telling me that we should take some time apart. It was definitely a curve ball but rather than posting some Facebook status or anything dramatic like that, I just opened Logic like I always do when I'm having woman trouble.

I picked up this album that I'd been meaning to sample and chopped up this cool piano part.  Before I knew it, about 15 minutes had passed and I had the whole beat laid out. While I was making it, I started mumbling this hook to the melody "It's okay, love. You can walk away, love." It started as just a simple chant and i didn't want it to be anymore complex than that. Once I had the hook and the concept, it took no time to write the verses. Really about 20 minutes.

I went ahead and did a dry run of the vocals so I could memorize the lyrics and re-record everything later. Once I got to the rerecording phase of the album, I was never able to recapture the same feeling like the original so I just kept the 1st take of the song. It's the real initial reaction where I'm reading the words off the page that you're hearing on the album. I guess you could say this is the most "raw/natural" song on the album. Inspired, produced, written, recorded, and mixed all within about 2 hours.

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